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What is Equine Therapy?

Equine or "Horse" therapy is an experimental method used to enhance physical and emotional healing through a connection between people and horses. Clients are provided with guidance in how to interact with horses through feeding, grooming, and riding. Therapists teach lessons on how horses learn, react, and follow instructions. 

Our Animal Assisted Therapy Program 

Kiddy Up's program provides instruction in care, grooming, and basic riding skills. For children, horses offer a positive way to react to challenges and provide an alternative to traditional therapeutic practices. Our focus is developing and supporting the emotional wellbeing of children.


Safety is our number one priority for all participants in horse therapy. Participants wear helmets and other protective gear during the therapy sessions.

Our Key Outcomes

  • Motor skills & dexterity 

  • Movement coordination

  • Social skills: Interacting with others

  • Sensory stimulation: touch, vision, hearing

Interested in participating in horse therapy? Contact Lonnie Hutchinson our Animal Therapy Director.

Benefits of Equine Therapy


trust & empathy

impulse control

problem solving skills

social skills

emotional awareness

Who Would Benefit?

Those with...




traumatic brain injuries

mental health conditions

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