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About Us

Kiddy Up With Horses is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing children with hands-on experiences with horses to improve their emotional and physical wellbeing through riding, therapy, and equine education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to expose youth in underexposed areas within DC, Maryland, and Virginia to the world of horses. Young people who are not able to experience horses through traditional classes, camps, or 4H programs deserve to have these enriching opportunities regardless of income, location, or awareness. 

Watch Us In Action

In 2012, Kiddy-Up founder Ada Albright brought her rescue mare Angel to a community picnic. The children were amazed at the sight of a horse, many had never seen one before. They wanted to learn more about Angel, touch her, ride her, and learn about what she eats and how she sleeps.

Inspired by the responses and wanting to share her love of horses, Kiddy-Up was started to provide fun, educational, and empowering opportunities connecting youth to horses. Since that first picnic, Kiddy-Up has provided hands-on horse-related experiences for many children in the inner city who are underexposed to horses and farm life. 

Our Story

"How It All Started"

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