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Our Stories

Learn about the stories of local cowboys and equestrians representing communities of Color. 

Local Teen Bull Rider

Nic Jackson

At only 13 years of age, Nicholas Jackson made history by becoming the first champion from the Northeast to win the 2020 Junior World Bull Riding Finals. However, as a first-generation rodeo family, it took time for the Jackson’s to realize what a natural talent Nicholas truly was.


During his first bull riding experience in Deep Creek, Maryland, Nicholas felt a natural calmness come over him when mounting the bull. He calls the process “an interesting experience filled with a lot of emotions,” but ultimately, he knew from that moment on that he wanted to be a professional bull rider. Nicholas now inspires the younger generation to get involved with bull riding, stressing “no matter what your background is, you can accomplish anything you put your mind and heart to.”

Kiddy Up's Founder

Ada Albright

Western Rider- Horse Owner- Cowgirl


Ada Albright has over a 20 year distinguished career in the area of training design and development. Her expertise is working with adults who are substantive experts and giving them confidence and skills to become effective classroom instructors. She helps adults overcome the challenges of public speaking.


Currently she is transferring that knowledge to working with children and horses. The youth that she works with do not have experience with horses and have also had challenges in the community. Children’s lives changed as they interact with horses and embrace the balance and commitment to caring for horses. She has rescued 2 horses and gives speaking engagements to promote her services to the community. She has volunteered in therapeutic riding programs, summer camps teaching as an instructor, and has taught children who have never been close to a horse to appreciate, care for, and ride with confidence.


She is now realizing her dream of having her animals in her backyard and opening her farm to children in the Metropolitan area to embrace the beauty and joy of communing with our equine friends. Many children do not have the opportunity to touch, pet, embrace a horse. Through Kiddy Up With Horses, she hopes to make this a reality for children everywhere.

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