Basic Riding Skills

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The greatest story ever told

Ride a horse?  That’s really scary!!! That’s what I thought until I met Kiddy Up With Horses.  Kiddy Up brought a horse to my school.  We thought our teacher, Ms. Dykes was going to do another career day when parents and other adults come to our school to tell us about their careers.  We always have doctors, lawyers, nurses, professors, bankers, even football players come to talk about their jobs.  Never have we had a real live “Cowgirl” come to school.  Well, she brought her saddle, helmets, cowboy hats, boots and told the story about her horse, Angel.

Ms. Kiddy Up let us sit on the saddle which was on a saddle stand.  We wore the cowboy hats and helmets and our teacher took our pictures.  That was very exciting for our class.

We asked lots of questions and did not want the hour to end.  Finally we agreed to help Ms. Kiddy Up take her items to her car.  When we got downstairs, what do we see but ANGEL!

Angel came to our school.  All of our class were able to ride Angel and brush her and offer her a carrot.

This was the best day of my life.  Guess what I want to be when I grow up!2 kids riding a horse


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