Kiddy Up With Horses sponsored it very first fundraiser for a child who was looking for organization to help her participate in a 6 week instructional dance program at the Debby Allen Dance Studio in Los Angeles, California.  This young lady was 12 years old and loved dancing.  Kiddy Up With Horses was happy to host the fundraiser at the ranch and encouraged the community to support her vision.  The horses made this fundraiser an exciting opportunity for the community to not only contribute to her mission but at the same time provide hands-on activities with horses.  The children learned how to groom the ponies, they were taught how to feed them, clean their stalls and how to properly mount and dismount ponies.  The fundraiser raised over $1,500 dollars which contributed to the room and board for her to participate in the program.[spacer]

“Thank you Kiddy Up With Horses, without your help my daughter would never have been able to participate in the program.  We thank you for all you did to make our daughter’s dreams come true”.