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Have A Birthday Party at Kiddy Up With Horses

IMG_2462Birthday Parties at Kiddy Up With Horses.  We will design a
birthday party specially for child!

Children have great imaginations and at Kiddy Up, we can make those dreams come true.  From cowboy boots and tutus to whatever your child enjoys, we will work with you to make special.   Your little ones  run free in a kid friendly environment, with activities we along with you will designed especially for their taste including:

  • Pony Rides – Let your child feel the magic on a horse’s back.
    Kiddy Up will provide the Helmets for their safety.
  • Paint A Horse or Pony – Make a painting on our Ponies!
  • Receive birthday greetings on horseback.
  • Scavenger hunts on the farm finding interesting items on the farm.

*Cost is $150.00 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours.  The Maximum for a party is up to 15 children.  ($10 more per child over 15)

*Bring your own food, cake, snacks, etc.

*Birthday party includes tables, and chairs.

*Hundred dollars security deposit held by check required at time of booking.

For more information contact
Kiddy Up With Horses at
Kiddy Up With Horses is located at 6795 Maxwell Drive, Hughesville, MD 20637

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Learn About the Horses

  • [dropcap]01.[/dropcap][extra_wrap]Meet Angel  Angel is my first rescue horse.  Angel was a school horse giving riding lessons to children in Montgomery County. Angel has a condition called Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis  or nicknamed HYPP.  [/extra_wrap]
  • [dropcap]02.[/dropcap][extra_wrap]Meet Grace Miracle Grace is another horse that joined the farm as a rescue.  Grace is a large pony standing 13.1 hands.  The difference between a horse and a pony is the number of hands. [/extra_wrap]
  • [dropcap]03.[/dropcap][extra_wrap]Meet Peanut Peanut is a Gelding (A male horse).  He is a Shetland Pony and is 31 inches tall.  He can ride children up to 50 lbs.  Peanut also has experience in pulling a horse cart. [/extra_wrap]
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