About Us

Kiddy Up With Horses is a 501(c)3 dedicated to providing positive youth empowerment opportunities through education, interaction and care with horses. Kiddy Up targets the youth population that is underexposed to traditional and nontraditional social and recreational activities. Kiddy-Up’s goal is to bring exposure to youth in the DC, Maryland and Virginia catchment area. Young people whose social-economic reasons are otherwise reduced to only a vicarious experience with the world of horses.

AdaAlbrightIn 2012, Kiddy-Up founder Ada Albright brought her rescue mare Angel to a community picnic. The children were amazed at the sight of a horse — many had never seen one before. They wanted to learn more about Angel, touch her, ride her, and learn about what she eats and how she sleeps. Inspired by the responses and wanting to share her love of horses, Kiddy-Up was started to provide fun, educational, and empowering opportunities connecting youth to horses. Since that first picnic, Kiddy-Up has provided hands-on horse related experiences for many children in the inner city to have exposure to horses. Children do not see horses at the zoo. Unless they are fortunate enough to become involved in a 4-H program or if their families involve them in equine programs, they miss out on the beauty of our equine partners.