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Kiddy-Up provides activities that address areas of youth self-development and interpersonal skills, i.e.: learning to groom a horse helps participants learn trust, and learning to saddle promotes self-confidence.

Horse Health Awareness:

Kiddy-Up teaches youth basic horse knowledge, including different breeds and characteristics, caring for a horse, nutrition, and safety and an overview of the horse industry.

Therapeutic Equine Activity:

Numerous academic and health studies support horse activity, in general, as a positive measurable strategy for mental, social, and physical health.

Prepare to experience the ultimate ranch

Kiddy-Up provides horse activities that address areas of youth self-development and interpersonal skills. Kids are learning to trust, and learning to promote self-confidence. Many of our children have scarce access to safe outdoor play areas and spend inordinate amounts of time using various forms of entertainment media. Most of Kiddy-Up activities are conducted outside and provide an opportunity for youth to enjoy and appreciate nature and animals.

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age 4 to 18
Our field trip program gives participants hands-on experience with our ponies and horses.

Our program will provide transportation to get the student out to the ranch.

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up to 6 children
Kiddy Up can provide monthly lessons for groups of up to 6 children.

Students will be picked up from their residence at a designated time. Lessons will begin at the same time each week.

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birthday parties, staff retreats, holiday parties
We can also provide special services for your family/organization.

10 person minimum. Early registration is recommended.

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